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Tenth Pass Pern
Posting Requirements

The text below shows what ranks have to post how often and what their other responsibilities are. If any person with a rank fails to fulfill their requirements, they will be warned and if their behavior doesn't change, will be demoted or killed off. Once again, I realize this is severe, but if you want to have a high-ranking character you need to show that you deserve it and if we decide that you don't, we'll take that privelege away.


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High Ranking Positions-
Weyrwoman's Second
Weyrleader's Second
Lord Holder
Hall Master
Limit:2 per member and no more than one per location.No more than one Weyrleader/woman position per member.
1.Ensuring that their areas are active and demoting ranks who don't actively post.
2.Choosing appropriate nominees for Middle and Minor Ranking positions.
3.Coordinating major events in their area and giving duties to others.
4.Approving deaths in their area
5.Weyrleadership must approve jumps /between/ times and dragons talking to non-riders
6.Hallmasters must approve all promotions
7.Issuing report on their area every Real Life(RL)month

Posting Requirements:2 posts a month and a report of their area

Middle Ranking Positions-
Lady Holder
Master of Apprentices
Limit:2 per member and one per location
1.Encouraging non-ranking members to post
2.Helping High Ranking positions
3.Covering for High Ranking positions when vacant
4.Issuing assignments to their area every RL month

Posting Requirements:2 times a month

Minor Ranking Positions-
Wingsecond-chosen by Wingleader
Wingthird-chosen by Wingleader
Weyrlingmaster's Second-chosen by Weyrlingmaster
Weyrlingmaster's Third-chosen by Weyrlingmaster
Master Craftsmen
Goldflit Owners
Goldriders and Goldflit Owners-one per member
Bronzeriders,Searchriders,Master Craftsmen and Headwoman-2 per member and one per location
Wingsecond,Wingthird and Weyrlingmaster's Second and Third-3 per member
1.Encouraging non-ranking members to post and posting with them.
2.Helping High and Middle Ranking positions when needed
3.Covering High and Middle Ranking positions when vacant

Posting Requirements:once a month