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Tenth Pass Pern
Jr.Weyrwoman Lavena

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Persona's Name:Lavena
Rank/Position:Jr.Weyrwoman of Cimryn Weyr
Parents' Names and Ranks:Greenrider Saiyru and Bluerider F'dlan
Siblings:none yet
Significant Others:none
Physical Description:Lavena is tall, with rather dark skin.Latte colored and shoulder-length dark brown hair which is layered to frame her face.Her eyes are a dark green and her face is rather small.Slender, she is rather soft looking than athletic.
Personality:Wry, has a habit of defending everything to others.Not kind, but has a great amount of sympathy for others.Not gifted in any way, nor quiet.Blunt and very strange with many weird quirks.Very sarcastic and proud.It is rare for her to be mean to someone, but she can still hurt!
Pets:None, she had a pet tunnelsnake once, but Keelith ate it.
Dragon's Name:Keelith
Where and When Impressed:Southern Weyr, 3 Turns ago.
Physical Appearance:Keelith is a small gold, about the size of an average bronze at most.However, she is very fleet in the air.Keelith is the pale yellow-white type of gold.
Personality:Quiet, serious and doesn't like to talk to other people.
Strengths and Weaknesses:Keelith is fast for a gold and can be underestimated.However, she is very..well, she can't dive and has been known to almost hit rocks.

NPCs' Names:Greenrider Saiyru and Bluerider F'dlan
Hold/Craft/Weyr:Cimryn Weyr

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