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Tenth Pass Pern
Sr.Weyrwoman Carima of Fireflower Mountain Weyr


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Persona's Name:Carima
Positon/Rank:Sr.Weyrwoman of Fireflower Mountain Weyr
Parents' Names and Ranks:Mother-Journeywoman Healer Harima
Father-Masterhealer Vickal
Siblings:Sister-Apprentice Harper Varima
Brother-Journeyman Healer Haril
Siginificant Others:none
Physical Description: Carima is 5'9" and of willowy build. Her hair is a sunbleached dirty blonde, very long and usually plaited. Her eyes are a hazel color that changes depending on her outfit.
Personality:Carima is as sweet as can be...when you can get her to talk. She is very shy, only began coming out of her shell when she impressed her queen. Her soft spokeness combined with her ability to command create a slight air of mystery that the male riders of the Weyr find very attractive. Her flights are looked forward to by any who can compete.
Dragon's Name:Risath
Where and When Impressed:Southern Weyr, 4 Turns back
Sire/Dam:Bronze Worlath and Gold Tarlath
Physical Appearance:Risath is a petite gold with light coloring that is almost yellow. She has dark swirls along her wing membrane and near the tip of her tail she has a fairly small scar from her egg at hatching.
Personality:Risath is as sweet as her rider, but much more outspoken. She is a natural leader and is as attractive to the male dragons as her rider is to theirs. At times, she can get rather grumpy, but usuallly only at clutchings or hatchings.
Relationships:She has had 3 flights so far, but hasn't chosen a 'weyrmate' yet.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Her small physique gives her an advantage in flying threadfall and mating flights because it gives her greater agility. Her weakness is that she shows no signs before her flights and can be very, very protective of 'her' bronzes during a green flight.