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Tenth Pass Pern
Rules and Regulations

If you break the rules once, you get a warning. Twice, you have to leave the club for 3 months and when you're back, go under mentoring for another 3 months. Three times and you can't come back.

If you have a ranking persona and don't fulfill the requirements, you will be warned. If it happens and a second time and you don't have a decent excuse(such as having been hospitalized or too sick to do anything for a month or something like that) your persona will be demoted or in the case of a leader of an area( such as goldrider, Hallmaster, Weyrleader, ect.) your persona will be killed off or transferred.


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Once you have read these rules, I suggest going over the Regulations section, especially if you're thinking of creating a ranking persona and then you're welcome to join!

1.This club does not allow any use of Anne McCaffrey's people. You may mention them, but that is all.Also, there must be a three letter difference, I will not allow names like Lissa and Romoth.
2.No one is allowed to be related to any of her characters and since this is the Tenth Pass they are long gone, so you may not say, for example, "I met F'lar when I was at Benden Weyr and he told me I'd be a perfect dragonrider."
3.Benden and Ruatha are not allowed to be used in any post/story. You may mention them,as in saying you were born there, but other than that they are to be avoided.However, we can mention good ole Benden wine!
4.The only dragon colors allowed are gold,bronze,brown,blue and green. There will be NO Sport dragons, Ruth was very special and unique and shall remain so.There will also be NO black, pink polka-dotted,rainbow-striped,ect. dragons, only those colors that were mentioned (gold,bronze,brown,blue and green)are allowed.
5.There will be no men riding golds and no women riding bronzes. The setup is as follows:
Gold=Heterosexual Females
Bronze=Heterosexual Males
Brown=Heterosexual Males
Blue=Masculine,Homo/Bisexual Males, rarely Homosexual Females
Green=Feminine,Homo/Bisexual Males and Heterosexual Females
6.This is a PG-13 club because of mating flights and other such graphic things and anyone younger than 13 MUST ask their parents' permission before joining.
7.Each member is allowed up to 8 personas, just make sure you can handle them all. See the Requirements page on details about how many ranking personas a member can have.
8.Bronze flits are given out on a first come,first serve basis until the max amount allowed is reached and Gold flits are given out only as rewards or prizes.
9.The maxumum amount of flits per persona is 3 and no more than six per member.
10.There is to be NO FLAMING!If you have a problem, you can deal with it in a mature way be calming stating the problem to me, Weyrwoman Emylea and I will try my best to help make it better for you.
11.There will be NO spam mailing, we don't need that on our mailing list and if I catch you doing it, you will be expelled from the club for 2 months, then you can come back, but you will have to have a mentor look over your posts before you send them out to the list for a month first.
12.If you don not meet the requirements of your persona's rank, you will first be warned, then they will be demoted and in the case of goldrider personas, killed off.
13.Hearing all dragons(HAD)or Hearing all flits(HAF)is very rare and as such, we will allow only 2 HADs and 2 HAFs.They will be 1 female HAD, 1 male HAD,1 female HAF and 1 male HAF.
14.No magic,sorcery or religon is allowed, they don't exist on Pern.
15.All posts/stories must be written in the third person, it cuts down on the confusion.
16.NEVER use another member's personas without permission or you will be severly punished!
17.No other races(Catteni,Crystal Singer,Klingons,ect.)can come to Pern.Pern is extremely isolated, no leaves and no one comes to Pern.
18.All roleplaying must be offline, none can ever be published or shown on the web.

These rules may change or be added to as the club grows.

To ensure that each new member reads, understands and agrees to follow these rules, you are required to, in the Other Comments section of Join form,write:Weywoman Emylea's 2 blue firelizards are Hide and Seek.

Here are the Posting Regulations, the Limits and the Responsibilities of Ranking Personas.

High Ranking Positions-
Weyrwoman's Second
Weyrleader's Second
Lord Holder
Hall Master
Limit:2 per member and no more than one per location.No more than one Weyrleader/woman position per member.
1.Ensuring that their areas are active and demoting ranks who don't actively post.
2.Choosing appropriate nominees for Middle and Minor Ranking positions.
3.Coordinating major events in their area and giving duties to others.
4.Approving deaths in their area
5.Weyrleadership must approve jumps /between/ times and dragons talking to non-riders
6.Hallmasters must approve all promotions
7.Issuing report on their area every Real Life(RL)month

Posting Requirements:2 posts a month and a report of their area

Middle Ranking Positions-
Lady Holder
Master of Apprentices
Limit:2 per member and one per location
1.Encouraging non-ranking members to post
2.Helping High Ranking positions
3.Covering for High Ranking positions when vacant
4.Issuing assignments to their area every RL month

Posting Requirements:2 times a month

Minor Ranking Positions-
Wingsecond-chosen by Wingleader
Wingthird-chosen by Wingleader
Weyrlingmaster's Second-chosen by Weyrlingmaster
Weyrlingmaster's Third-chosen by Weyrlingmaster
Master Craftsmen
Goldflit Owners
Goldriders and Goldflit Owners-one per member
Bronzeriders,Searchriders,Master Craftsmen and Headwoman-2 per member and one per location
Wingsecond,Wingthird and Weyrlingmaster's Second and Third-3 per member
1.Encouraging non-ranking members to post and posting with them.
2.Helping High and Middle Ranking positions when needed
3.Covering High and Middle Ranking positions when vacant

Posting Requirements:once a month