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Tenth Pass Pern
Holds, Halls and Weyrs


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Areli Island Weyr
Sr.Weyrwoman:Rayne, rider of gold Sunrith
Pop:approx. 100 riders and 20 Weyrfolk

Description: Areli Island Weyr is a double-crator with a waterfall running down the west side and creating a small river as it runs through the Weyr. It is located on a large island north of the Kahrain territory.

History: The site for the Weyr was discovered by a goldrider from Southern on her leisure day. When she informed her Weyrleaders of this, as Southern was getting overcrowded, they sent a Jr.Weyrwoman named Seraia and a goldrider named Rayne and about 100 riders with her and 20 Weyrfolk to protect the newly established Areli Island Hold. Elaeth rose and after a great mating flight, clutched 23 eggs, including a gold! Sadly, Seraia, while exploring, fell from a long way from the face of a cliff and the fall broke her back, killing her. Elaeth stayed only to prior the hatching and went /between/. With the Impression of the new queen by Tiara and Rayne becoming Sr.Weyrwoman in Seraia's stead, the Weyr hopes no more trouble will come their way, but who can tell?

Cimryn Weyr
Pop:about 120 riders and 30 weyrfolk
description:Cimryn Weyr is built into a large cliff face that curves inward, protecting a large, sandy beach onto which, much farther back, lies the hatching sands.The cliff is pocked with many, many holes and looks much like a honeycomb. The Weyr is located on the east end side of a small peninsula jutting out from the Cibola territory.
history:Cimryn Weyr was the first of the Weyrs that aid Southern to be built. It was built to protect Cimryn Hold and the small minor holds around it.It was led by Weyrwoman Kiara and Weyrleader T'zan for only a long time and prospered under their leadership. Eventually the pair stepped down as they were getting too old to lead a Weyr and the first of the 2 junior queens was to become Sr.Weyrwoman. Alith, lifemate to Meila, rose first and the pair were caught by a Wingleader named Q'sar. Sadly, Q'sar was killed in Threadfall several sevendays before Alith's next flight. When she rose, the mating flight was long and very good, everyone expects a good clutch from the mating flight.The leadership has become strong again, but for how long?

Fireflower Mountain Weyr
Pop:110 riders, 15 weyrfolk
Description:The Weyr is built into an extinct volcano called Fireflower Mountain. The rim is rough and uneven from the explosion when Fireflower Mountain erupted, but the Weyr is very big and could hold many more than it does. The Hatching Sands are to the east of the Weyrbowl and are well protected by a rocky overhang. The inside is pocked with holes and the Weyr is the second biggest of the three.
history:Fireflower Mountain Weyr was the second built of the three aiding Southern and is much larger in size than either of the other two, but has less of a population than that of Cimryn Weyr. It was originally lead by Sr.Weyrwoman Inyxia and Weyrleader J'neran, but when J'neran was killed in a brawl, Inyxia transferred out and left the Weyr to her two Jr.Queenriders, Carima and Marika. Carima's gold, Risath rose first and she became the new Sr.Weyrwoman. Under her and the current Weyrleader's leadership, the Weyr is prospering and has not had a tragedy since that of Weyrleader J'neran's death, but who says that this will last?

Until leadership in the Weyrs has been figured out and the Weyrs gain some more personas, the Holds and all Halls save the Harper Hall will remain NPC Locations.

Pop:about 30 journeyman and apprentice harpers and about 15 mastercraftsmen.
history and description:The Harper Hall was built just a little while after Areli Island Hold was and is located just a few dragonlengths south of the Weyr.