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Tenth Pass Pern
Sr.Weyrwoman Meila of Cimryn Weyr

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Persona's Name:Meila
How the name is pronounced:may-lah
Position/Rank:Weyrwoman of Cimryn Weyr
Parents' Names and Ranks:Tessa, Greenrider;G'lin, Brownrider.Cimryn Weyr
Siblings:N'vas,Bluerider. Cimryn Weyr
Significant Others:none until the Weyrleader is decided.
Physical Description:Meila is a tall woman at 5'9" and weighs about 145lbs.She is a fit woman and carries her weight with grace.She is not overly comely nor is she ugly by any means.She is sort of handsome or next-doorish, excuse the Terran term there.She has long, straight brown hair that ends mid-back that she normally has braided to keep out of her way and big, round brown eyes that are on the verge of being a tad too large for her face with long, thick eyelashes.Her complexion is light, more of an ivory in color despite the fact that she's out in the sun and never seems to darken at all.She sports a few scars here and there from childhood play, the most noticable being the one on her jawline from falling on a rock.
Personality:Meila is a very quiet and serious person, tending to act in a demeanor way beyond her years.She's very caring to those who are close and because of this comfortableness, tends to let down her guard and show a different side of herself.She is slow to anger, normally just taking everything in stride although she has been known to lose her temper now and then in extreme situations.
She is always willing to give one a second chance and tries to be as fair as she can be.
Pets:none at the moment
Dragon's name:Alith
Where and When Impressed:Southern Weyr, impressed at the age of 17.
Wing:none yet
Physical Appearance:Alith is a small gold,only a bit larger than that of most bronzes.Her hide is the color of molten sand, giving glints of lighter and darker tones in the sunlight.Her body is well toned and she bears only one mark on her haunches where Thread grazed her during Fall.
Personality:Alith is almost the complete opposite of her rider.While Meila is serious and quiet all of the time, Alith is almost always in a cheerful mood, brightening up those around her.She is very protective of her rider and has been known to show anger to those who have harmed her(both emotionally or physically), but will not hold a grudge, well not long anyways.
Relationships:none yet
Strengths and Weaknesses:Alith is a very fast dragon, able to maneuver in and out of difficult spaces due to her size.On the down side of that her stamina could use some work as she tends to tire out more quickly than others of her size.