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Tenth Pass Pern

Welcome to Tenth Pass Pern, a tenth pass,PBEM in which AIVAS was discovered, but his plans failed. The events in Skies of Pern never took place in Pern in this club.

Favorite Links | Members | Holds, Halls and Weyrs | Sr.Weyrwoman Carima of Fireflower Mountain Weyr | Rules and Regulations | Join Form | Open Ranks | Personas | Sr.Weyrwoman Meila of Cimryn Weyr | Page Five Title | Jr.Weyrwoman Lavena | Sr.Weyrwoman Carima of Fireflower Mountain Weyr | Sr.Weyrwoman Rayne of Areli Island Weyr | Gold Weyrling Tiara of Areli Island Weyr | Jr.Weyrwoman Marika of Fireflower Mountain Weyr

Tenth Pass Pern is made up of 3 Weyrs, 3 Holds and 3 Crafthalls. They are: Areli Island Weyr, Cimryn Weyr and Fireflower Mountain Weyr.The Holds each go by the same name of the Weyr that they are beholden to.

We are in need of every type of persona, excepting goldrider. We especially need bronzeriders as the virgin flight for senior queen of Areli Island Weyr is due to take place as soon as enough participants can be gathered.We're also having a contest for the Weyrleader positions at both Cimryn Weyr and Fireflower Mountain Weyr and for the Hallmaster position at the Harper Hall, see side section for more details. If you see a position other than Weyrleader that says "open", be all means, feel free to take it and create a persona for it! Once again, welcome to Tenth Pass Pern, have a look around, we'd love to have you join us!

Weyrleader and Hallmaster Contest Information-
To enter the contest, fill out the join form and send it in along with a writing sample at least 5k long and an explanation as to why you should get the Weyrleader or Hallmaster position to . After two weeks, or 3 applicants for each Weyrleader position open if we aren't getting any more applicants,the BoD will vote on who gets the positions and we'll inform everyone of the results no more than 3 days after we've stopped accepting applications.Good luck to you all and have fun creating those personas!

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2001, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.